An End to Chronic Kidney Disease for Patience

September 07, 2017 1 comment

In 2007 while pregnant with her daughter, Patience Roberts was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.

“It was when I fell pregnant that doctors began to notice my kidney function wasn’t very good and my blood pressure was all over the place,” Patience said.

“They weren’t quite sure what was wrong with me, so once I gave birth to my daughter I was then referred to a specialist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.”

Flash-forward seven years and Patience’s kidneys began to shut down, meaning she was forced to begin dialysis treatment while she waited for the life-changing phone call that a donor kidney was available to her.

“It was late 2014 when my kidneys began to get progressively worse and I had to start dialysis. I was on dialysis for almost two years, it was three days a week for four hours out of my whole day.

“During the time the kidney was failing I had a lot of restrictions with the food that I could eat, it really impacted my life.

“So when I got the phone call from my specialist that I had a donor kidney waiting for me, I just cried. I couldn’t believe it.”

Now a few years on from her transplant, Patience is fit and healthy and so thankful to the research that made a lifesaving kidney transplant an option for her.

“I had a very quick recovery after the transplant, I was only in hospital for four days following the procedure. Now I just have regular check-ups to make sure all is okay, but I’m fit and healthy other than that.”

For Patience the transplant has given her a whole new lease on life, allowing her to return to the lifestyle she had before the chronic condition took over. It’s thanks to your ongoing support that Kidney, Transplant and Diabetes Research Australia can continue to support advances in kidney research that will lead to more lifesaving phone calls for people like Patience.

“I have so much more energy now. I’ve got my life back!

“Thanks to research and the expertise of such a world-class team I have been given a second chance on life.”

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful job the KTDRA team is doing for Australia and the world at larg. I lost 3 relatives as a result of Diabetes and kidney disease in 2015 in Ghana ,and since then, I have been an advocate to help reduce or eliminate the chronic disease in our country Ghana, and it’s communities. It hasn’t been an easy job at all ,but the question I asked my self every day is “Who Will Be the next to develop the sickness and that drive me to push harder. Thumbs up for KTDRA TEAM for giving the hopeless hope once again .God bless you

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