Rob’s Fundraising Race

October 02, 2019 0 comments

Inspired by his patients, Transplant Nephrologist Dr Rob Carroll ran his first marathon to raise funds for KTDRA!

Dr Carroll ran 42 kilometres in the Adelaide Marathon on Sunday 26 May to raise funds and awareness for young adults who suffer from kidney failure.

From the marathon, Dr Carroll raised an incredible $3,500 for KTDRA!

Based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, one of his career achievements has been the establishment of Australia’s first young adult clinic for those aged between 18 and 26 who suffer kidney disease.

“The clinic is available to people within this age group who may have had a transplant or have inflammatory problems with their kidneys,” Dr Carroll said.

“One of the biggest struggles for the clinic is the lack of funding so I’m used this as one of my main motivations for running my first ever marathon – to raise funds to help our young adults whose lives are turned upside down when they are facing kidney disease.”

Click here to discover how you can hold your own fundraiser for KTDRA!


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